Embracing Health and Happiness: My Fitness Journey with Joel Prior Fitness

My Fitness Journey:

My journey into fitness began as a personal realization of the need for change. In my late twenties, I was overweight and lacked cardiovascular fitness, which became evident during my work as a paramedic. Determined to improve my health and well-being, I initiated at-home workouts and overhauled my eating habits.

One activity that brought immense joy and numerous health benefits was running. Initially, it was a fun activity for my dogs, but soon, it became a significant part of my fitness routine. As I delved deeper into the world of fitness, I explored various training styles, from bodybuilding to CrossFit, gaining a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness.

Transitioning from Paramedic to Personal Trainer:

As fitness became an integral part of my life, I realized that I could help others on their journey as well. Guided by my newfound mission, I made the bold decision to transition from my career as a paramedic to becoming a personal trainer. Continuous learning became a passion, and I immersed myself in books, courses, and audiobooks, seeking every opportunity to expand my knowledge.

For over ten years, I’ve maintained my progress and cultivated a successful personal training career. My approach is rooted in my personal experiences, and my focus is not solely on achieving fitness goals, but on forming supportive partnerships centred on well-being.


Welcome to Joel Prior Fitness, where I am privileged to share my journey and passion with you. My mission, vision, and values drive everything we do – from personalized fitness training to nutritional coaching and habit changes. Together, we will ‘Move Better, Live Better,’ and embrace a balanced, happier life. This is my story, and it’s the reason why I am dedicated to empowering you on your own transformative fitness journey. Join me as we embark on this life-changing adventure together.

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